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Are you a Caregiver?

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Self Identification as a caregiver is an essential first step towards overcoming the overwhelming responsibilities your role entails.

Are you caring for a loved one who belongs to one of these categories?

  • People with a disability

  • People with Mental Illness

  • People who are chronically ill (heart disease, COPD, Arthritis, Diabetes)

  • Older persons who are having difficulty with activities of daily living (bathing/dressing/ grooming)

  • People who are terminally ill

If you answered YES to any of the above, that makes you a “CAREGIVER”....AND You are not alone! 

In fact, you joining the ranks of 8 Million informal caregivers in Canada, some of you providing 20 Plus hours per week of support to your loved one. 75% of you are caring for a senior citizen and 50% of you are women ranging from 45-64 years of age (CARP-2014).

You were probably not asked to be a “CAREGIVER” and no doubt your responsibilities started out small. People often start off providing minimal support to their loved ones but as THEIR health declines- YOUR responsibilities increase. It is not a role you can just give up, but also one you probably did not choose! There is no job description and no preparation for this role which can make it seem that much more overwhelming, right?

Caregiving involves time, commitment and sacrifice. While your role may seem intimidating, you are not alone and there is help and support available to support YOU through your journey. I would invite you to join our ICare Community- a safe space for Caregivers to belong; to receive information, education and the mutual support of others who are experiencing something similar. You can ask your caregiving questions and get answers. You will be kept up to date on community resources and have access to vetted service providers. 

To learn more about support available for family caregivers, join our FREE Facebook Community, ICare at

Take good care- you deserve it!


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