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Who is on your "Care Team"?

Updated: May 6, 2019

Asking for and receiving help was a BIG topic this week in the Health at Home group, the ICare Community. Curious about this and other topics we cover?

Some caregivers felt they were fortunate to have a circle of support; people they could ask to help AND who offered to help. They were others though, who were not experiencing this. They felt they had NO ONE they could turn to for help and that NO ONE offered their assistance!

Let’s face it, some family members are not in a position to help. They may simply live too far away to help out with the day to day activities (although I challenge long distance family members to get creative too and find ways to support your family from afar 😊)

Yet there are other family members who live close by but remain “checked out” and cannot or will not engage in supporting your family members. This is a BIG pill to swallow…but swallow we must! You cannot force someone to care for someone or to assume any of your day to day duties- they have to come to it willingly.

So, if they can’t participate due to distance OR they won’t participate for their own personal reasons, who can you turn to?

One thing I do know, and I say this often, “Caring for someone at home, is NOT something you do alone”.

As the “Team Leader” you need to build your Care Team around you and your loved one. This may…or may not… include family members.

1-Family members: They need to identify themselves what they are good at and how they can contribute.

2-Volunteers, such as Friends, Neighbors, Hospice volunteers, Church or service groups that you or your loved one once belonged to

3-Care Staff like Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, In Home Support Workers, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Dieticians, Pharmacist and professionals like me, who serve as a Care Navigator!

4-Community Programs and Services that include Mobile practitioners, i.e. hairdresser, footcare, barber, esthetics, Meals, Delivery services, and Equipment vendors

5-Clergy or spiritual advisors and other practitioners who offer complimentary care such as Imagery, Aromatherapy and Massage. Even your Pets can contribute to the Care Team with their unconditional love!

6-Support Groups in your local community or on line, such as the ICare Community can be a great source of support!

If you need help and support to build your Care team, don’t delay…reach out today.

And remember this: Caring for someone at home, is not something you do alone!

Take care,


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