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From Love and Loss comes... Learning!

Having recently experienced the loss of a loved one and spending time with the family who supported her AND after talking to many of you about losing your loved ones, I have come to realize that after all the love… and then the loss, there is so much learning. I have heard countless caregivers reflect on their caregiving role; providing personal care, attending numerous appointments, dealing with hospitalizations, managing infections, dealing with falls and the endless doctor’s visits. All the care, the conversations and support that you have provided! Whether it was for a short time or for many years. It would seem that it was not until after their loved one had passed away that they were truly able to reflect on what they had just experienced and what they had learned. Learned about themselves, their loved one, their family members, the care system and their community. I have heard many of you say what a privilege it was to be a caregiver. At the time, you were just soldiering on

, doing what needed to be done. It was only after your loved one had passed that you were able to really stop, rest, recover and reflect.

I realize that for many of you, this may not be your experience. The failing health, the emotional and financial costs, and the time demands of providing supportive care for loved ones can tear some families apart. It can dissect relationships; bringing back all kinds of mixed emotions, sibling conflicts and rivalries. But for some, it provides a unique and rewarding experience that many consider themselves lucky to have been a part of. I can see that this is where my role comes in. By supporting, guiding and providing valuable information to caregivers along the way, I try to make this caregiving experience as positive as it can be. It’s not easy when you are in the thick of things and your loved one’s health is declining rapidly and you are exhausted. But it doesn’t always have to be so hard, and I really want to make it easier.

I would invite you to consider the support you would find in our new “I Care” Community; a safe space for YOU, the family caregiver, to be recognized, valued and fully supported. My promise is that you will receive the information, guidance, education and resources that will support YOU... at whatever stage of caregiving you are at. We welcome future, present and past caregivers and the wealth of love and learning you bring!

Contact me for more information; 506-478-2060

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